Thursday, 23 February 2017

Tryst with the Arts: Navya's Account of her H.L.F experience

P. Navya: All Decked up in H.L.F colours

With Amita Desai Ma'am and Jhilam Ma'am

Being a part of the Hyderabad literary festival 2017 was a privileged experience. I had a fantastic time in those three days. The first day, when I went for site-seeing at the Hyderabad Public School, Amardeep Sir termed us as the "Ambassadors" of the H.L.F. That got me really eager about joining the H.L.F. team. Kinnera Ma'am's insistence on the importance of punctuality was a vital lesson that held us in good stead over the three days of the festival.

The fest felt more like a picnic than anything else; we thoroughly enjoyed doing the tasks we were assigned. I was a part of the workshop committee.  Most of the workshops were regarding arts and crafts. After watching those workshops, I truly believe that art comes from the heart. Another thing that the workshops, and the general artistic atmosphere around the festival made me feel was that the surrounding that see is not our entire world. If we once come out from the world we inhabit on a daily basis, we learn just how much more there is to be explored.
Some New Friends!

I never felt exhausted doing my work, because I had such a wonderful time doing it. Interacting with different people, co-coordinating with different college friends, and communicating with the various artists at the fest was one of the most valuable experiences for me.

The workshop I was specifically assigned for was the ‘Silambam Workshop’ conducted by Aishwarya Manivannam on martial arts. Silambam translates into 'stick', and is an art form traditionally practiced by the Tamil community. Her performances were lively and simply took my breath away. People lined up to attend the workshop after watching her performance, and we soon ran out of seats. She gave a detailed explanation about the Martial Arts and its importance.

A life-altering experience indeed!
Apart from the workshops, I also liked the exhibition and the film screenings. The food was absolutely delicious, and everyone at the fest was kind and cooperative. I feel blessed to have had a chance to be a part of the H.L.F. 2017. I thank Kinnera ma’am and the H.L.F. team for giving me such a wonderful opportunity. I thank my college, and the Quills Literary Club for opening up this wonderful experience for me. 

It's Fan Fiction all the Way!: A report on QLC Meet,30.1.17

The Quills Literary Club organised a meeting on the 30th of January, 2017, the theme being Fan Fiction. The room was charged with an atmosphere of excitement. Our college Secretary/ Correspndent, Prof. K Muthyam Reddy and Vice Principal and Head, Department of English, Ms. Grace Sudhir, honored us with their presence. Muthyam Reddy Sir gave us invaluable suggestions for the progress of the Club, and appreciated the recent successes of the members, while acknowledging the contribution of the lecturers.  

Prof. K. Mutyam Reddy Sir Congratulating HLF volunteers from the QLC
Then began discussing the concept of Fan Fiction. The club's Organizing Secretary, Ms. Jhilam Chattaraj, first talked about the recent phenomenon that fan fiction is, and how it has changed the way modern readers, writers and movie-goers view pop culture these days. We then talked about how fan fiction has made activities like reading works of fiction or watching movies and TV shows, an inclusive experience, where the creative process flows into the viewer, making them come up with alternative or complementary story lines of their own.

Grace Ma'am shares her Fan Fiction
The members were then encouraged to talk about fan fictions they might have written or thought of, based on their favorite book, movie or TV show.
Pushpa Ma'am talks about her favorite fan theory
The session turned out to be extremely entertaining as we heard some interesting, unique and occasionally hilarious fan theories about the members' favorite fictional obsessions.
Special Guest for the Day, Ms. Anuradha, Department of Journalism

All Excited About Fan Fiction!
When someone is deeply engrossed in a literary form, they are captivated by the characters so much that they write  their own story with them. The members of the Club talked about many critically acclaimed series and movies and suggested their own versions of it. We listened with great attentiveness, improved our stories and widened the boundaries of imagination.

The debate over whether or not fan fiction is "real literature" was also touched upon. However, irrespective of the category we put this modern genre of literature into, fan fiction is here to stay. A work of creativity enhances our own creative abilities. Fan fiction arises from this creative sphere, and enables viewers and readers to connect better with not just the original work of art, but also its other followers all over the world, just like it allowed the members of the club to connect with each other, and discover similar passions.

 Fan Fictions Galore!

Guna Priya


Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Lost and Found: Megha Recollects her Uncanny Visit to Kulu Manali

Nature's Beauty 

I was in sixth standard, when suddenly my family planned a trip to Kulu Manali. It took about a week to finalize our travel plans.  
We made the journey by train with all our cousins and we played ludo, monopoly and all other possible games until we finally dozed off.
The next morning as soon as we woke up it was really a new world outside the window. We were somewhere near Nagpur, and we found ourselves in the middle of orange gardens and fragrant farms. It was very lovely and we passed the day simply gushing over nature's bounty.
Magical Mountains
The next day, we were scheduled to reach the station near Kulu and then travel to Manali. We got off the train and were excited to travel the winding ghat roads. Typically, we kept sliding off our seats. Although the travel was exhausting, the landscapes and scenery was worth all the effort.
That afternoon we planned to visit a nearby market. It was beautiful, full of travelers from all over the country, it was like a carnival. All our relatives bought clothes, carpets and other stuff. I found the artworks over there very interesting. I was glancing at them one by one, till I realized that I was no longer with my family. I was lost.
Misty Mountains
I went inside a shop. I told the shopkeeper of my plight and although he couldn’t understand Hindi, he could make out that I was lost so he asked me not to worry and took me to his home. His family was very kind to me but they couldn’t provide any food as they were very poor themselves. I stayed in their house for that night. The next morning, I asked him the way to the police station so that I could contact my parents but I learnt from him that the police station was down the hill, about 40 miles away.
I thanked him, and bid him good bye. I realized that the only way I could reach the police station was by hitchhiking the way down. After walking for 3 to 4 miles, finally, I could convince a family to help me. They left me at the station and went away. At the station, I told the police everything and asked for their help. They were really friendly and assured me that they would track my parents.
Suddenly, an idea flashed in my mind. I knew when my relatives would travel back. I thought we could get them at the railway station that day. The policemen too accepted this plan. But, it was a three day journey down to the railway station, and I didn't have a place to stay. Then a constable came forward to help, and I was thankful to him. I stayed there for 3 days. During my stay, the constable's wife wasn't very kind to me. She found that I was helpless and tried to make use of it. She made me do all household work and I could’t complain. I went through a lot of emotional stress in those three days. I missed my family deeply, I was worried I may never be reunited with them, and the constable's wife's behavior drove me to tears.
Alone like a bird, I waited to go home !
Finally the day came. I went to the police station they sent a man with me to the railway station and we waited there for our parents and after 2 hours of waiting my father walked in with all our relatives. My mother was crying and I could see them from a distance. I ran to them as fast as I could. All of them were wonder-struck to see me.
That was the time, I realized the importance of parents and how much they loved me. I felt blessed. My relatives inquired how I reached there and I started to narrate them this story…
K. Megha

Friday, 17 February 2017

Against All Odds: A True and Inspiring Narration by Deeksha Reddy

Colours of life!

 Life teaches lessons through experiences.
 I was 9 years old when my dad passed away. It was not very clear to me, but I was aware that he would never come back to play with me, to teach me how to ride bicycle or to get me chocolates every evening. I thus continued my lonely life in my small village.

On growing up, I was brought to Hyderabad.  It was really difficult for me to mingle with others. I was admitted in the secondary school. I luckily found a friend who used to clarify my doubts, but soon she left the school. One again, I was all alone . I had no friends.  So, I started enjoying my own company. I used to paint, sing songs and vividly dream about fairies who would bring back my dad, one day.
 Sometimes it left me sad, but somewhere, deep in my heart, I had the hope that life was like a cycle, and may be one day, the people that I lost, would come back to me. 

Bridging all difficulties!

My mom is a strong woman. She has taught me a lot about life. Her words have always given me the courage to face any emotional or physical problem. I suffer from a very strange condition. I freeze in a pause state when any accident happens before me or a loud sound strikes my ear drums. I feel as if the earth under my feet is crumbling. I often forget my way home and is left stranded on the streets. 

Dreams unseen

This problem of mine, has worried my mom a lot, especially when it  came to choosing my higher education. I was really interested to do forestry but the colleges were really far and my mother was unwilling to send me away. 
She chose a near by college for me. I joined in a course which she chose. I really hated it. But with time, I started to think about my problem and her decision made sense to me. 
I have decided to try and heal myself. 
Now, I am able to remember the ways.  Even though I have to work very hard but it's really worth the effort. I am also trying to come to terms with the course that I am studying right now. I am kind of loving to know about food and nutrition. I am a food lover and always discuss about food with others. I have decided that I will take up P.G in Food and Nutrition and specialize in children's food and diet. And, I think I will enjoy that job a lot. 
Life as I said before is a cycle, and even though I did not like the way my life began, I think I have come to  kind of love it. 
Life is offering me many opportunities and I am ready for them. My years of isolation have made me know myself and love myself and thus, I have resolved to do the best for myself and my Mom!
And I sang like a lone bird!

Fell for a Fete: Ruhina Banu and Kavya Pujari share their experiences at Hyderabad Literay Festival, 2017

Ruhina Banu

I had an absolutely fantastic time at Hyderabad Literary Festival as a volunteer.
The three things which I liked the most at HLF were, the workshops, the exhibition and the yummy food!
The  workshops introduced me to the world of creativity in a new way. I enjoyed the workshop on abstract painting conducted by Aavish Juluri. There everyone who participated in the workshop had to make an abstract painting that described a short story.

Avish Juluri's workshop on Abstract Paintng 
Secondly, the exhibition put up by Katharina Kakkar was refreshingly new and enlightening to me. I loved the way she used every day objects to depict the position of women in our society. Thirdly, I enjoyed the food. Although , I am normally not excited about food, yet the food at HLF made me go crazy!  

HLF made me interact with different people, which made my ability to communicate better. 
In the Act! Handling the merchandise section

No Discount for Jhilam Ma'am :)

Art Installations

The three days at HLF taught me to be committed to work, respect time and enjoy the work that we do. 
The directors , organizers, coordinators were very friendly to all the volunteers. l really felt happy the way they treated us. I made many new friends at HLF.
I sincerely thank all the directors, organisers, for giving us such a good opportunity. I also  thank my college, principal ma'am, lecturers from Commerce department for permitting us to volunteer at HLF.
My heartfelt  thanks to Jhilam ma'am and "Quills Literary Club"for introducing us to HLF.

Team HLF!

Kavya Pujari

The three days that I spent at HLF left me a transformed person. Experience and exposure to a world of creativity, communication and critical thought has left me wondering about my old self. I have grown and learnt about so many things that define me as a person. 
Initially, I was not confident and was a little afraid. However, the sweet and friendly nature all the Directors ,Organisers and my friends (volunteers) made me feel comfortable and free of any inhibitions. I enjoyed my tea and lunch time with friends. It was as if we were a part of a giant party. 
HLF has made me more confident and improved the way I expressed myself. My participation in the workshops and exhibition showed how easily I could do things that I was earlier afraid of. 

I heartily  thank the Directors, Organisers who gave me the opportunity to be a part of HLF. I also thank  Quills Literary Club and our principal  who encouraged me to attend the wonderful fest. 

With HLF Family!

Thursday, 16 February 2017

The Best Days: Vijayalakshmi remembers HLF, 2017

My best self at HLF

Being a part of the Hyderabad Literary Festival has been one of best experiences in my life so far. Initially, I was not clear about my role as volunteer for the fest. However, during the first meeting, Kinnera Ma'am and Amardeep Sir introduced us not just as Volunteers but as Ambassadors of HLF. In that moment, I realised that I was a part of something fantastic,prestigious and life-changing.

Since then, I dedicated myself to the world of HLF and was determined to put my best.

Ma'am and Sir asked our priorities so as to assign everyone in their interested task. I expressed my interest in exhibitions, workshops, and merchandise.
In our second meeting, we all were assigned our tasks. I was engaged in taking care of the exhibition along with three other members from other colleges. Then we met our Organizer who gave us a brief introduction about our work.
As we were assigned the Exhibition Department, we had to be 2 days prior to the event for the installation of the artworks.

With Supriya Kiran

My first day of work was very interesting as we were installing Katharina Kakkar's artworks. Along the way, I made some good friends. I also met my organizer, Lisa.

On the second day, the arrangement of her artwork was almost done and I was looking to help others. I learnt the importance of work and the value of time.
All throughout the three days, we the ambassadors had to arrive around 8:30 am. Therefore, I had to wake up really early which I usually don't. This event made be punctual and appreciate the lovely early morning sun.

With Amita Desai Ma'am

My work was to monitor Katharina Kakkar's and cartoon artists' exhibitions in shifts with other co-volunteers. Usually, I don't know much about Art, but when I was assigned these exhibitions, I slowly learnt what art actually is. Through Katharina's artwork I learned how one's emotions, feelings, and opinions could be expressed in the art form. She has amazingly expressed the perceived role of women in our society by using different elements like dried chillies, rose petals, pepper, wax, glucose bottles etc.
When I got the opportunity to talk about her artwork to the people who could understand it, I had a fun time putting forward my own views on the exhibits.

Throughout my HLF journey, the one person who kept me motivated all the time, was Lisa, my Organizer. She is a beautiful, charming, sweet lady.

I never saw such a woman in my life who holds amazing patience in spite of all the work frustration. She helps everyone without saying no to anyone. She cares for everyone. One day, as I was a little bit late to the lunch, she brought a lunch box for me.

With my co-volunteer
Inspiring artworks

I managed to give my best in my work. I was literally addicted to doing any work, if I was free I used to get bored. I never felt tired or exhausted and I don't even understand how I kept getting that enthusiasm day by day. I think it was all because I made good friends, working together with them, communicating and learning little things from them made me energized. Also, the feeling when you are able to help someone is one of the greatest motivators in itself. Here, I learned to be patient, communicate with people and maintain a calm and sweet approach towards the people.

With team HLF!

All for one! One for All!

In short, I could say, I enjoyed every moment of being a part of the great family that was the HLF. From being busy at work to clicking selfies with Lisa, Kinnera ma'am and Amardeep Sir.

Something Amazing!

A portrait was given by the cartoon artists, Jai Undurti and Harsho Mohan Chottoraj to all the volunteers along with certificates, books and a small memorable kit.

I feel blessed that I got the opportunity to explore a place and an event as wonderful and as diverse as the H.L.F. I thank our principal, Dr M. Surekha Reddy, Faculty members of commerce department and I extend a special thanks to the English Department and Jhilam ma'am who gave us this brilliant opportunity and also the HLF team for supporting us and giving us a chance to discover the best in ourselves.

Talking Scars: Seema's Views on the Society's Treatment of Women

Some scars are so deep that neither time nor love can heal them. Wounds may heal with time but the scars remain. It is very easy to say this. I am talking about the scars that have been imprinted in her brain. 

Is it wrong to be a girl? A girl who has her own goals and she is brave enough to walk out from the house to accomplish them. If it is not wrong, then why do I still read stories about molestation, rape and harassment. It is embarrassing that women suffer so much in our country but it needs to be said because there has to be an end to it.

The newspaper gives me goosebumps. My mind runs back to 16 December, 2012, when the Delhi rape case was the news. The victim “India’s brave heart” faced the reality not only of the rapist’s but also the world. There was none who lend a helping hand to her after the incident. Do not know how many candle-light marches we have to take out to stop this trauma.  Enough to portray that yes, you feel bad for a girl. Why is it so easy to play with the dignity of a woman let that be the case back in 2012 or now the recent Bangalore mass molestation case on New Year’s Eve. It makes me wonder if humanity exits at all. 

Why does a rapist forget that he was given birth by a woman and now how could he even think of doing such a thing to another woman. He might be a son, a brother, a father. What if it happens with his daughter, sister or wife? Can’t he just be human not only by name but behavior too?
I wonder if a punishment, a lifetime imprisonment or a sentence to death makes any difference. Instead of punishment, could we not focus more on eliminating crime.  Let there be no crime, if there is no crime then there is no point of punishment. I know that crime cannot be eliminated easily but let us take an initiative to stop any crime. Stand up. Fight against crime.
Let a girl feel safe. When we say “Save the girl child”, are we saving her just to bear these acts in the future? Let's show her some respect. If we can’t give her the respect, then we can't judge her. She is not the one who should be ashamed. It is that dirty mindset that needs to change.
I see a small boy helping an old lady cross the road. It shows that there is some humanity left. Can’t we just unite by a common religion- humanity?
Let there be women empowerment not just by sloganeering, but real empowerment.
Loving a girl is the second step, respect comes first. Respect her dreams, respect her opinion and above all respect her dignity.

Don’t respect her because she is a woman. Respect her because you are a Gentleman.
Seema Fatima BTCFs I year 

Art by Kathrina Kakkar at the HLF

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Euphoria: Supriya Kiran Shares her Experience at Hyderabad Literary Festival,2017

Hyderabad literary Festival, 2017

Volunteering for ‘Hyderabad Literary Festival’ was all about Experience, Exposure and Euphoria.  
That's Me in HLF Avatar

Working for HLF was as easy as breathing. In the beginning, I was little like Alice in Wonderland. But soon things fell in place.  The friendly and cooperative nature of all the directors, organizers and my co-volunteers made me feel like  a guest at some mad tea party, except that the madness  had a method. I also enjoyed the finger licking food provided all the three days and thought it be a very touching gesture. 
With Amita Desai Ma'am

HLF added new pages of experiences and memories in my life. It was all about exposure to a different kind of world where only love for literature, talent and art existed. It introduced me to people of different nations and cultures. I am more confident now. After communicating with such a variety of people, effectively, I think, I am a better communicator.  
We love it!
With HLF Family!

HLF inspired me in many ways. 
One of the workshops, which changed me, was ‘Walk like a Girl’ by Katharina Kakkar. It was about boosting self- -confidence through self-expression, awareness of gender stereotypes and the ability to express ones wishes and needs, freely. It inspired me to conquer my fears and follow my dreams.
Endless Inspiration!

In the three days at HLF, I gained knowledge and inspiration.  I sincerely thank all the directors, organizers for giving an opportunity to be a part of HLF. I am grateful to my college authorities and lectures who permitted me to do such a wonderful job. 
On the Job: My classmates as Volunteers 

Last but not the least, I thank the one and only  "Quills Literary Club"which not only introduced me to HLF, but also prepared me to face the world  through its numerous meetings on literature, art and culture. 
Faculty and students of RBVRR Women's College and members of Quills Literary Club