Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Darkness And Pretence

                                                Empty Wishes

Wish I had cold that
Would remove the traces of fleeting warmth
Wish I had agony that
Would numb me from these illusions of joy
Wish I had darkness that 
Would shield me from this blinding light
Wish I had death that 
Would free me from this traitorous life

                                                Musings Before Dawn

Laying in my bed wide awake,
Tossing and turning in my sheets,
Never have I felt so lifeless;
Staring into the hole of emptiness,
That is nowhere close to the void in my chest,
I know my heart is pounding;
But with each beat, all I feel is agony.
Wallowing in the darkness of my mind,
That left me drowning in loneliness,
I wish for dawn to come soon.

                                             Society's Workings

Everything is alluring and perfect on the surface,
For mirages are often bewitching,
But do not look too close into the mirror,
For if you do, there is nothing,
Except for ash and smoke.
A careful smile plastered on the face,
No one wonders who that smile is for, 
The smile that masks doubt and envy;
So carefully put and practiced that, 
No one knows how shallow it is.

                                                                                         -  Rithika Varam,
                                                                                             MZC 2nd year.

Saturday, 3 November 2018

"When She Spoke", a Spoken Word Poem by Asfiya Khanam

"When She Spoke"  was first performed by Asfiya, at the Slam Poetry Evening by the US Consulate, Hyderabad, August 24, 2018

She was fire, she was light
Her writings were her might 
No,no,no she was not blessed with mythical eyes
But an ordinary girl, plump with metaphors and smiles

She had her heart flowing from a deep blue cup

She also fell but always stood up
She desired to express but was scared of being judged
She wrote and wrote, it was smudged

But remember she was bent not broken,

Her fingers crafted little boats and like Noah's arch
They sailed the deluge,
Of sorrow, pain and more pain

In a brief brightening moment, she stood tall

On the shoulders of women, who balanced on hips
And hands of many, many other women...

What smoldering acrobats of thoughts!

Darting across time, cultures, latitudes

Frida, Slyvia, Virginia, Talisma, Malala
She was one among them, her words wetting soils
Harvested hearts and embalmed ruptured eyes
Picked stars from the skies to illumine the night of despair

Our dear girl,

Rose beyond the rain-fragrant pines
Soared through unknown galaxies
But it was too much, oh so much 
For smaller souls to bear

Could she dare, really dare to disturb the universe?

They broke her again!
"She was no hero!" they said
Just another of many privileged voices

"Oh she talks about love! "

"Where's the war? Where's the politics?"
So they dragged her out of hopeful bubble
And flashed at her threats, threw words at her 
Like pots and pans; made sure she bled, wept and vanished!

But little did they know 

She was a soldier, a warrior, a poet
Who many times like her sisters, salvaged humanity
No bullet could wipe her imprints in the sands of time
She inked her legacy onto every life she touched

Like a thunderstorm in a desert,

She will stun parched fields 
For the next time she speaks
It will not be 'me' and 'I', but 'we' and 'them'
And she has dreamed of being wrapped in the night sky

Of a country beyond the borders of scarves and veils

Of a land with no curfews, where women like her
Brown and black and yellow and white
Rich, poor, Hindu, Muslim, christian, Jew and Buddhist 
Would hold a pen and brandish it in the air 

And drown in their passionate ink

All fears, censors and perils of the world
I tell you again, in a simple oracle,
That she had no cape or mysterious cloak
But she left behind a trail of fire and smoke,
When she spoke 
 every time she spoke

                                                                        - Asfia Khanam 

Friday, 19 October 2018

Au Rythme des Relations: An Evening of Interactive Poetry Reading

“Poetry is the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash” 
                                  Leonard Cohen  
                                           Poets (from Right): Mona, Rebecca, Paresh, Srividya, Jhilam

 To brighten up the remains of the day, poetry lovers of 
Hyderabad gathered at Alliance Française, on the 28 th of 
September, 6.30 pm, to attend Au Rythme des Relations: An 
Evening of Interactive Poetry Reading.
The event was organized jointly, by the institute and Ms Jhilam Chattaraj, poet, author, Assistant Professor, RBVRR Women’s College. 
The Key-note
The aim of the evening was to diffuse the usual distance between the audience and poets and comprehend the various rhythms of human relationships through poetry.  

Aude Emeline Loriot N, Director, Alliance Française inaugurated the program and felicitated the poets.
Poet, Srividya, being felicitated by the Director
Mini Nayani, Cultural co-coordinator, introduced the artists. 
Jhilam announced the objectives of the event and moderated the session. The new and experimental format created a space for instant and live feedback to every poem that was read out.  

Extreme left: Ms Mini Nayani, Cultural Co-ordinator along with audience 

Poets were requested to read their poems even twice and 

explain their craft to the audience. The participant poets

were, Elizabeth Kurian Mona who read ghazals in English

and Urdu, Rebecca Vedavathy, read the French translations 

of Mona’s poems and also a few of her own, Srividya 

Sivakumar read poems from her book, The Heart is an Attic

Paresh Tiwari read from his book Raindrops Chasing 

Raindrops  and Jhilam Chattaraj read from her newly 

launched book, When Lovers Leave and Poetry Stays.  

The session is on!

In the first round, the poets read verses on love, longing and loss;it set the pace of the event. The second round was led by the audience. 

Our Lovely Audience 

They selected a poet of their choice and a theme and relevant poems were read out.  The high-octane tempo of the evening reached its peak when a la mushaira atmosphere was created by the English ghazals of poet, Mona:  the audience wah-wahed along with her couplets, displaying an inspiring mélange of eastern and western cultures; something that late, Indian-American-Kashmiri poet and popular English ghazal writer, Agha Shahid Ali had once envisioned.

Students, HR Executives, painters, influencers, academicians among the audience shared the auditory, psychological and aesthetic effects of the poems on them. 

Eminent guests: Mr Vijay Marur and Mr Sanjay Gadhalay 

They explained how poetry reading sessions like the present one enabled the poem to be free of the torturous interpretations they were taught to infer due to the influence of complicated pedagogical methods often used in schools.

Poets among Audience 
The novel approach to the Reading was the first of its kind in the city. It demystified the processes of writing and offered the audience a peek into the craft of poetry. The event set a new benchmark for poetry readings in the city- audience is no more the passive listener but an active participant. The audience was also treated with elegant book marks with quotations from each poet’s work. 

Poets guided the audience cross the bridge of poetry and meet them and thus marking the beginning of a beautiful and lasting friendship.

Monday, 15 October 2018

Friendships & Reflections: Two Poems by Priyanka and Ritu

On Friendship   

Friendship is a roller coaster of highs and lows  
    Some friends can't stay apart nor wish to be torn.
Some struggle to rescue their drowned liaisons
    And some cheer on their comrades from afar:
They come in gangs of geeks and clique of jocks
    They are partners in crime and peas of a pod
    They stand firm and brave against the harsh wind
    Trusting and leaning on each other to hold tight
    They think they're invincible against all charges
    Yet, they wobble and sway against the test of time.

    Opportunities knock at their doors and hearts change
    Priorities re-arrange and promises long forgotten  
Friendships are crazy pacts and silly ties 
    So easily tossed away in the hurdles of life
    Yet some few and true friendships never fade 
    Still standing side by side against the harsh winds
                                                                   -  Priyanka Dubey,
                                                                             MZC 2nd year.


      Always wandering around in the dark,
       I've practiced to put on a deceiving mask.
Maybe it is too late to reach for the light
       And yet, till the end all I'm doing is fight.
  Every effort I put in seems to be less
       And every cry of help I scream, useless.
 Yet I stand up again and brace my soul
       For the voice in my head is too loud to ignore.

                                                                            - Ritu Sarda, 
                                                                               MZC 2nd year.                                                      

Changing Paths: A Moving Confession by Bhakti Matur

 Walk On !

Sometimes, we all make wrong decisions. We suffer as a result, and we regret them. We become unhappy and curse ourselves, because we think we cannot change them. 

Everyone in their lives must have come across such experiences. For me, my decision to join an engineering college, was the one I regretted. I had studied an electronic course for only two semesters and yet, the failures I experienced and the humiliation I faced, for not being a good student, pained me greatly. 

I realized, after a while, that my heart wasn't in this and that this was not the path I wanted to take, but I didn't give up. I tried again, I wanted to endure and get through because everyone around me somehow were capable of doing that. My last attempt at redeeming myself didn't quite work and I failed miserably than all the times before. At that point, my parents had made their frustration towards me clear and my friends taunted me. I had enough and I decided to change my course and do what I desired, which was literature. 

It was hard going against the norm, especially when everyone around you believes that your dreams are childish and will get you nowhere in life. Taking up B.A and doing what I wanted to do was perhaps the most scariest moment in my life but now, I can say that it's the best decision I've ever made. I'm really happy with what I'm learning now and I enjoy it immensely. 

Maybe it's true that you have to do what you love because the best of you shines through. My self-confidence is at an all-time high and I'm slowly coming out of my shell, trying to communicate. I'm exactly where my past self wanted to be and I couldn't be happier. But  life doesn't always go smoothly. I still have to explain to others why I supposedly made such a rash decision or why I supposedly took a path that has no future.

 My parents, although supportive of my decision, ask me the same questions sometimes because they feel like they have a reputation to uphold in society. However, I don't let such things affect me anymore. 

At the end of the day, my happiness is important. Despite what people say, your happiness is more important than your parent's or your friend's or your neighbor's. Sure, being an engineer or doctor is great but why settle for them when your options are endless?

                                                                                                            Bhakti Matur,

                                                                                                                  B.A Second Year.

Friday, 14 September 2018

A Peek Into My Soul

"Poetry is a cure to me; It crawls deeply into the darkest corners of my soul and slowly, gently, heals."   

     People change like the seasons, she learnt
     Warm like the spring breeze in one tick
     Icy, like the median of a winter in the next
     Why did they have to change? She pondered
     The short nights of summer passed
     And so did the fleeting days of winter
     Silence dragged on and she wondered
     Is it because she clings onto their branches
     Like the leaves do in the Autumn skies
     Or simply, because she bares her soul
     Like a peacock dancing in the rain;
     Watching the sky paint itself with a million stars
     She realized; maybe it's not her after all
     Rain had to come to fill what Summer had drained
     Spring had to come to revive Winter's ruin 
     And virulent people had to leave...
     All so she could learn to love herself 
     the way she truly deserved to be.

                                                                                                 Priyanka Dubey,
                                                       MZC II Year.


Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Suffering: A Poem by Srilekha Sagar

The word ends with a ring,
During which the resolve swings.
Two sides of the same person fight,
Victory depends on the person's might.

Suffering is encountered by every person,
Some have it shallow, some have it deep.
The tenure of suffering might be bitter,
But it serves as a bad thought emitter.

Suffering can be physical or mental,
But never losing hope is vital.
It may be sorrowful,
So, you need to be careful.

To end suffering you may swallow poison,
But that is a fake medication.
 You should try to cope,
For if you try, you can see the sun.

                                                                               - Srilekha Sagar.