Friday, 15 November 2019

Korean Culture Day Through Our Eyes - Priyanka Hanumanth

The Honorary Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Hyderabad, organized the event 'Korean Culture Day' at Ravindra Bharathi on 12th October, 2019. They invited students of many educational institutions as well as general public to take part in the event, in which various programs where held to showcase authentic Korean culture.

When we first arrived at the venue, we were given our very own mock passports and then sent off to a faux immigration counter, to give off the feeling that we were actually traveling to South Korea. After that, we made our way to the activities section where there were different Korean games and activities being conducted. We started at a Origami stall and made the traditional Korean outfit, 'Hanbok or Choson-ot'. Apart from this, there were stalls of mask-making, authentic Korean food, and selling goodies like badges, key chains, etc. They also allowed us to try on the real Hanbok later on.

A few hours of activities later, the stalls were closed and we were asked to move to the auditorium for cultural programs. A dance face-off was held between the students, after the commencement of which we were provided with lunch. Post lunch, the main event kicked-off. It included performances by the members of the Korean Club and a dance group known as 'The Hustlers'. Apart from this, there was also a group of boys and girls belonging to the Korean club, showcasing their skills at Taekwondo– a form of martial arts.

The dance performances were based on popular songs of Kpop groups like BTS, EXO, RED VELVET, TWICE, SUPER JUNIOR etc. Live music was also performed by the bands of their club and a dance performance depicting the sorrows and joys of Korea.

Towards the end of the event, a short lecture was given by one of the members of the consulate followed by a vote of thanks. Overall, it was an amazing intercultural experience where we got a glimpse of traditional and contemporary Korean culture, through energetic dance performances, Taekwondo, k-pop quiz and much more. 
                                                                                                 -  H. Laxmi Priyanka, BA I Year.

Sunday, 6 October 2019

Report Of The Good Talk Factory Event - Syeda Mariya

The Good Talk Factory (TGTF), a community based in Hyderabad, organized an event on 7th September, 2019 in collaboration with The Quills Literary Club of RBVRR Women's College, with the theme as PRERNA (Inspiration). The two-hour session was held at the auditorium of RBVRR Women's College from 10 AM, and hosted by Sri Lashya of BBM I Year.

The Program was initiated with a prayer song rendered by Sravanthi and Nikshiptha from BBM I Year. This was followed with a classical dance performed by student Monika. Dr. Jhilam Chattaraj, program coordinator and chief editor the Quills club, introduced Mr. Raghu Duth Degala, Founder of TGTF. In his speech, Mr. Raghu recalled that he started this organization with the objective of bringing to limelight 'the untold stories of people' 
which would inspire and motivate the audience. The aim was to provide one with a platform to share their personal stories and experiences, which could make a difference in another's life. 

The Keynote speaker of the event was Ms. Indu Gopalakrishnan, who spoke on the importance of mental health. She also briefly spoke about her voluntary work helping women deal with and overcome mental health issues. Ms Bushra, performed a spoken word poem, taking pride in belonging to the LGBTQIA community and conveyed a strong message that everyone should be treated the same irrespective of gender, sexuality; and that there's no shame in belonging to the Queer community. 

An open mike session was held where the students of the College took to the stage to narrate their own struggles. The speakers, Hiranmayee, Syeda Mariya, Vaishnavi and Tasleem moved the audience with their heart-felt speeches on issues like religious prejudice, sexual abuse, poverty and stage fear. Their words left a lasting impression on the audience, long after the curtains were drawn. Mehek from BBM II Year and Abhiroopa from MsCs II Year also recited poems on topics such as teenage struggles. A number of cultural programs were also held after the open-mike session. Hafeeza and team (BBM II Years) enacted a skit, while Chanchal and group (BBA I Year) performed a beautiful dance. Both the performances were layered with themes such as teenage angst and depression, to raise awareness.

A short narrative performance by poet Alick Bailey left the audience captivated and wanting for more. The performance was based on an anecdote from Mr. Alick's own life with a subtle moral message in it. The event came to an end with Principal Dr. Sarada, Head of Department of English, Suchithra Ma'am and Dr. Jhilam felicitating Mr. Raghu and his team members. A donation corner was also organized in the event where students donated books, toys, clothes and eatables. 

Sunday, 29 September 2019

Once Upon A Blue Moon Night - Syeda Mariya

Image result for blue moon night

Once upon a Blue Moon Night
I was walking the George Street by the moonlight,
Far, very far, there up, very high up,
The stars twinkled like sparks in the sky;

I had a feeling, a creepy one, that I wasn't alone,
There was something unusual in the cold wind's tone,
My feet tightly dug in the ground,
Not a third soul could be found;

Standing behind the Old Banyan Tree,
I noticed someone staring at me!
I called her, asked 'Who art thou?'

'You got these wounds, when? how?'

She hath beautiful eyes- deep, dark, bold,
But somehow I felt something was untold.
'What is your name?', She said, 'Grace'
I smiled at her and took her to my place.

'At daybreak, I'll leave you at your house', I said
She quietly had her supper and went to bed,
At dawn, I searched for that damsel of fifteen,
But to my surprise, she was nowhere to be seen;

I went to Uncle David and told him the tale,
By and by, I noticed, his face grew pale;
'That girl Grace..', He was taken aback,
'She died a decade ago in a terrorist attack'

The words of Uncle David fell like Lightening,
The thought of her were very frightening.
Years have passed, but I still fear that Blue Moon Night,
When I was walking the George Street by the moonlight.

                                                                                - Syeda Mariya, BA I Year.

Sunday, 22 September 2019

Priming The Rookies: Report of the BA Orientation Program By Mounica

The BA Orientation program for this academic year was conducted on the 20th of July, 2019 in the seminar hall. The Departments of English, Journalism and History organized the event while the second and final years of BA delivered motivating speeches and mesmerizing performances for their juniors. Alumni Ms. Juveria Tabassum and Ms. Achasha Vajra were also invited to share their experiences with the students at the program. 


The event was initiated by a prayer song, performed by Sahithi of BA second year. The anchor for the day, Priyanka Singh of BA second year, then invited the Head of Department of English, Mrs. Suchithra to address the freshmen. She highlighted all the facilities of the College, urging the students to make use of them. She also stressed the importance of attendance before signing off with a warm welcome to the new joiners. Subsequently, The Heads of Department of Journalism and History, Mrs. Anuradha and Mrs. Hema Subramanyam also took to the stage to impart their wisdom upon the students. While Mrs. Anuradha spoke about all the exciting features of the college, Mrs. Hema narrated a fable to the students on never letting opportunities pass. "Some opportunities come knocking on your door, so try to grab them." she advised.  


Following this, Hiranmayee of BA second year introduced the Alumni speakers and invited them to share a few words. Ms Juveria took to the podium first to relate her experience as the former student editor of the Quills Blog. While she encouraged her juniors to step out of their self-made boundaries, Ms Achasha opened up about the support she received from her teachers that helped her grow. 

A short poetry dance on 'Kubla Khan' by Sameul Taylor Coleridge followed which was rendered by the students of both BA second and final years. Immediately after, speakers: Mounica, Sreeja and Bhakti (final years); Veda, Harika and Nandini (second years), delivered speeches on their own struggles like insecurity, low self confidence, stage fear etc., and detailed how the college has helped them reach a better mind space. The floor was then thrown open for feedback in which, the first years enthusiastically took part in. The event ended with a short Vote Of Thanks by BA final year student, Akhila and the students all came together for a group pic.

Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Painting Stars - A Poem By Mounica

The clock strikes twelve 
And I try to see the stars beyond the dusty air
Shining on their own against a dark canvas;
I paint my canvas the same dark hue,
Hoping I make stars of my own.
Excited, hopeful and motivated,
I dip my paintbrush in stardust;
I'll make my stars bleed purple,
For it's my canvas.

The clock strikes one 
And the brush slips from my fingers,
Anxiety slips through the cracks in my paint;
And I rush to perfect my stars.
The real ones take millennia to form,
Humans do not have the same luxury.
I paint them over and over again,
My fingers shake and I grow frantic,
Desperate to create my own bright star.

The clock strikes two 
And suddenly the canvas looks bleak.
The dark color has an ominous feel to it,
And my mind chokes me with the same darkness.
My brush pauses, I try to recall why I started;
I look up, and I can't see the stars anymore. 
Why shine if you fade when dawn breaks?
Why rush to live when you die anyways?
The brush slips again; this time I don't pick it up.

- Mounica, BA final year.

Monday, 22 July 2019

I Love Her - A Poem By Rithika


I love her.
I love everything about her.
The way her hair cascades down her back,
Glossy, shiny, thick and smooth.
The way her eyes glint in the light,
When joy consumes her whole.
The way her lips pout when she cries,
Or when she acts adorable.

I love her.
But this is the same beautiful hair,
She brushes all day and night,
She's become a master at it;
And now she ignores my feelings too,
Brushing them off her shoulder.

I love her.
But these are the same beautiful eyes,
Which are alight with accusation,
Saying I don't love her enough.
These are the same beautiful lips,
Which are crying and begging me;
To love her again like before, 
Claiming she can love me too.
I loved her,
Everything I've ever loved was about her.

                                                              - Rithika Varam, MZC final year. 


Thursday, 18 July 2019

Trapped - A Poem By Veda Sri

 You are my inspiration,
 The soul of my verse.
 But the pain you have given me,
 Is no less than a curse;

 You are my dream,
 The one I strove hard to achieve.
 But you're like a star in the sky,
 That I could never seem to reach.

You are my light,
That once shone so bright.
But you left me in plight,
And there's nothing left in my sight.

You are my poem,
That I recited day and night.
But I never knew you abhorred reading,
Until you tore my pages apart.
                                                                       - Vedasri, BA II year.