Thursday, 7 April 2016

Those Were The Days, My Friends..

And indeed, we thought they'd never end!

As another academic year draws to a close, we find the members of Quills reminiscing about the time spent with friends and sincerely wishing that the good days didn't have to end so soon. 

Presenting Mahe Mubeen of BBMT III year, with her touching words


I sat in my window, watching the falling rain,
all things at peace, nothing in vain.
I let my hair down, feeling the cold soft breeze
listening to it as it whispered through the trees,
Sitting there, I started walking down memory lane-
All those days with my friends in the rain.
Starting with my first day of school in June
How I did whine and cry and mourn.
The next year I got my first friend
With whom I felt worthy and glad
Together in the rain we danced and played 
She stayed with me till the sixth grade
Then she left me forever with a sad goodbye
She was the only one I had by my side.
And again it was like that first day of school in June
Again I did whine and cry and mourn
But, then I made friends and soon we were four
Hanging out together, joyous that ever before
Together in rain we swirled about,
Laughter, fun and happiness abound!
FDAM was the name we named our clan
Gathering happiness along with rain
With all my friends I never felt alone
I never felt Time and how I have grown
Then a friend left and in turn I got six
Joy and happiness all in the mix
My group changed from FDAM to FADAMS
All I got was more fun and freedom
In rainy days I played in every puddle
Life was easy without any unsolved riddle
We wet our self from tip to toe
We knew only merriment, no friend, no foe.
Even in rain we enjoyed our ice creams
Sharing our different and similar dreams
Now I stand here recollecting my days
Of joy, happiness, glory and grace
My cheeks are wet, not from the rain from skies,
but from the memories that shed a tear from my eyes...