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Women in/ and Love: Experiments in Flash Fiction, a Story by Hari Priya

Q.L.C. is proud to present a heart-warming and sensitive story about love, longing and  companionship.

Forbidden Love


N.Sai. Hari Priya 

 “This is Patricia speaking, from the premises of The Alder Wedding Hall, which is experiencing the first ever love marriage in the city…” The news droned on about how the city’s first ever love marriage was taking place.
        “Good heavens! How can people behave this way?” Ella’s mother exclaimed as she watched the news.   She said again, another case of love marriage! Atrocious! Did her parents not teach her anything about right and wrong in society?”  Ella could not help but replay in her mind, the words her mother had just exclaimed – Love- Atrocious.
Was loving someone atrocious? Was it very wrong?  Ella did not think so. Well, not since the past few weeks. The past few weeks… they had been good. They had been fun, enjoyable, thrilling, and adventurous. Ella never knew that she had a hidden adventurer in her. She had always considered cocooning herself in bed sheets and reading pages after pages of novels as the best idea for fun. She wasn’t right, she wasn’t wrong either. The thoughts of all the memories she made in the past few weeks made her smile widely. She had gone to the cinema, made a ruckus by accidentally creating a shower of popcorn, got kicked out of the cinema hall, headed to the city mall, played with Nerf guns, painted many canvases, played a water fight  and enjoyed food from Barbecue Nation. All in all, she really had fun, all thanks to her neighbour.
Her neighbour… was a very friendly person in early twenties with short hair which looked chocolate brown under the sunlight, but dark black when not under the sun. Those hazel eyes could make anyone melt.
The land line beeped, indicating a call. Ella realized that it was her father. He wanted to speak to her mother. Ella’s mother answered the call and by the end of the call, she was quite ecstatic. Ella’s father, got promoted and he couldn’t wait to tell the news to Ella and her mother. Ella felt very happy and her mother was beaming with joy.
       Later that evening, when Ella’s father returned home, he decided to treat his wife to a nice dinner in a restaurant. The couple left Ella at their trustworthy neighbour’s place and thanked for being kind enough to take care of their daughter.
 Their neighbour, being the humble person, waved it off like it was nothing.
Ella sat on the couch of her neighbour’s living room and started surfing the channels on the television, when she heard her neighbour talking on the phone. She went about the house and noticed a photograph encased in a beautiful frame, hanging on the wall. It was a family of three out of which she recognized her neighbour. The other two must be her parents.
     “There are my uncle and aunt. They are very close to me- in fact closer to me than my own parents,” her neighbour replied as if they were reading Ella’s thoughts. Ella’s was puzzled. What about the neighbour’s parents? Where were they? The neighbour recognized the questioning look on Ella’s face. “My parents left me because I am different.”
Ella understood what her neighbour meant by different. Though they may not be the same type of different, Ella could understand where her neighbour was coming from. Just then, a realization hit Ella like a ton of bricks. Her neighbour was different, and so was she. Would her parents leave her like that too? She prayed that they wouldn’t. Ella heaved a sigh, looking at the portrait once again and then headed towards the couch where she plopped down.
    “Cheese?” her neighbour’s voice rung all the way from the kitchen but Ella was still dazed. “I meant cheese topping or not, silly,” her neighbour chuckled, which made Ella blush. “Yeah, cheese is fine,” Ella replied, understanding that her neighbour was ordering pizza for the both of them.
   Twenty minutes later, the doorbell rang and Ella’s neighbour went to receive the pizza boxes they had ordered. For the next hour, Ella and her neighbour spent their time watching re-runs of funny sit-coms and eating their pizzas. They then spent their time solving the Sudoku puzzle in the newspaper, and finally ended up doodling in an empty book.
     Ella’s mind had enough distraction for most of the day, but, as she sat in silence doodling into the pages of her neighbour’s used book, she couldn’t help but think of her mother’s words – love, atrocious, and she also couldn’t help but think of all the times she spent with her neighbour. All those moments of sweet bonding between them; it was love. It obviously was. Ella did not know how she came to that conclusion, but she realized that she had concluded right. She was in love with her neighbour.
Ella blushed at the thought. She shook her head and giggled, which caught the attention of her neighbour, who looked at Ella, with an eyebrow raised.   “What was that?”   Ella giggled again, “Nothing.”
   Her neighbour had a mischievous look in their eye. “Now, now, Ella. I know that there is something going on in that pretty little head of yours. Tell me what is it?”Pretty little head, Ella repeated the words in her head and blushed again, which led her to giggle again. Her neighbour was now amused, for Ella had never been so giggly before. In amusement, her neighbour also blushed.
Ella just stared at her neighbour, who was now very bashful. Ella’s thoughts were racing and only one thing seemed to be clear to her- Goodness, I love you so much! And if it weren’t for her neighbour looking at her with their eyes wide, lips slightly parted, and a shocked expression on their face, Ella wouldn’t have realized that she had accidentally said it out loud.
Ella’s face started burning up in embarrassment and tears rolled down from her eyes. Her neighbour asked in a sombre voice,   “Do you mean it?”
      Ella blushed through her tears. She wiped them off with the back of her hand and nodded at her neighbour. Ella meant it, she really did.
       Her neighbour’s shocked look had turned into a serious one when they asked if Ella really meant it. When Ella nodded yes, that very expression changed into one of relief and happiness. Ella was confused. She didn’t understand why her neighbour was happy.
      Ella’s neighbour understood the look on her face and said, “Remember when I said I was told to leave my house just because I was different? Well, my parents could not accept the fact that I like women and not men. Now, nothing really matters because I, I love you too, Ella. I have loved you for a while, and will love you forever.”
If Ella was to be asked what the sweetest thing she had heard in her entire life, she would say that this monologue by her neighbour was the one, without missing a beat. Ella then remembered her mother’s words from that very morning- Love-Atrocious. She then decided that such love was not atrocious. Not when one falls in love with a person like Ella’s neighbour.
Three hours later, when it was almost midnight, Ella’s parents came to pick her up. They noticed a slight change in her. She was beaming with joy and looked like a ball of energy for the first time in months. Her parents were happy at Ella’s change. Ella wanted to tell her parents to thank her neighbour for the sudden rush of joy in her life.  
           She wanted them to thank Jane, her neighbour with short hair which looked chocolate brown under the sunlight, but dark black when not under the sun; her neighbour, Jane, had hazel eyes which could make anyone melt and that smile, oh, that smile which was so beautiful; it could light up anyone’s day. She wanted them to thank Jane, her neighbour, who was now, her Girlfriend.

Hyderabad Book Fair 2015- A Review

An Everlasting Experience

Vanisha Srinidhi

 For the first time ever, I visited the Hyderabad Book Fair with my mother. There were more than 370 stalls and the place was crowded with thousands of people, as it was the concluding day of the Fair. I could see people from different religions, of different age groups, all part of this vast crowd. 

 There were huge discounts and offers on books, magazines and novels of different genres varying from stall to stall. There were separate stalls for religious books. A free Quran was distributed and I got one for me.

 Major publications like Harper Collins Publications from Broadway, New York; Jaico Publications from Mumbai; KFI Publications from Chennai, to name a few, had set up stalls at the fair. Many organizations and institutions- the National Book Trust India (NBT), Gitam University, and ACE Engineering College, among others, also came forward with their stalls. 

There was a stall on the concept of ‘Digital Writing’, which left me fascinated. This is a part of the ‘Digital India’ project. It would surely help many people have easy access to millions of books by various authors, apart from giving them a platform to share their stories with the world.

 I bought two self-help novels – Think on These Things by J. Krishnamurthy and Discover Your Destiny by Robin Sharma for Rs.150 and Rs.100. My mother also took a book written by Dr. B. V. Pattabhiram. On the whole, the trip was an unforgettable experience. 

Three Women's Tales: Experiments in Flash Fiction (Phase Three)

QLC is proud to present three wise authors of  R.B.V.R.R

 Stories about Belief, Wisdom and Care

Title: Dreams to Come True
Author: A.Nikitha 
Genre: Drama

Once in a village near Banaras, there lived a poor man called Shamu and a shopkeeper named, Bansi Lal. One day Shamu went to Bansi Lal's shop. Bansi Lal asked Shamu, "Why are you standing here?" Shamu said, "Last night I had a strange dream."
"What was the dream about?" Bansi Lal smiled.
" I saw that I will be getting gold here, in front of your shop", Shamu replied seriously.

Bansi Lal laughed and said, "You fool, dreams do not come true. If one would become rich just by dreaming then I'll tell you what I saw in my dream. I dreamt that there was gold underground in your backyard. Now you see this isn't true. Dreams don't come true."

Shamu was dejected on hearing Bansi Lal’s words but he rushed back home. On the way back to his home he kept thinking that may be dreams do come true. He reached home and started digging his backyard. To his surprise, his shovel struck something! He was amused to find a pot of gold!

That day Shamu was not only happy that he became wealthy but he also had his belief restored in the fact that “dreams do come true”.

One should always believe in his or her dreams and have the courage to fulfil them.  

Title: An Honest Peasant's Judgement Day
Author: Suvidha Laharika
Genre: Drama

Once lived a poor peasant who worked hard throughout the day to fill his stomach. He believed that being candid and working hard will pay someday and that the omnipresent Lord would answer all his prayers.

While returning home after another laborious day, he found a small cloth bag and when he opened it he learned that it was full of gold ornaments. For a second he thought that he had at last found a way out of poverty but the very next second he realized that the owner of the valuables would be searching for it. Finally, he decided to find the owner of the bag and return it to him.

After searching for a week he became tired and decided to give up and leave the bag where it was found. Then to his surprise, he saw an announcement claiming the bag. He was happy that he was not on a wild goose chase as it was stated that the bag belonged to a rich goldsmith and whoever would return it back or convey any message about it would be rewarded suitably. In the excitement of high expectations, the peasant went to gold smith to handover the bag. He reached goldsmith’s house and returned the bag and asked for the reward.

To his dismay, the goldsmith refused to give him his due reward. In this grief, the peasant approached the court for justice and court house had called upon both to go for a trial and give a judgment. The peasant shared what had happened. In order to escape from his promise, the greedy goldsmith shed a few tears and said that there were diamonds with gold ornaments in the bag which were found missing.
But the judge had understood the selfish desires of goldsmith. He adjudged that since the goldsmith’s bag had gold ornaments as well as diamonds, the bag found by the peasant could not have been the goldsmith’s. The judge ordered the peasant to find the definite owner of the bag and return it to him and, in case he doesn’t find the real owner, he could keep it as a gift from the court as a reward for his honesty. The peasant returned home happy at the end.

“Being honest always pays, may be not immediately but definitely.”

Title: Remembering Tom
Author: Dolly Agarwal
Genre: Drama

It was my birthday when I first saw my dog. My parents had gifted me. I was so happy when I saw him. In fact, I was very excited. But I used to stay away from him because my Mother once told me that if the dog bit me, I would have to go to the doctor and get an injection.

But slowly I got attached to him. I named him "Tom". I used to play with him. We ate  together, slept together and did many more things. He became almost my best friend.

Suddenly, one day, he felt sick and we took him to the doctor. The doctor advised us to leave the Tom in hospital. I felt terrible and cried a lot.  I did not want to leave him. But Mom said that if we left him there he would get better treatment and recover soon.

  To my surprise after one week, on the festival of Teej, he came back to me. I was so happy. I asked the doctor about his health and he told that Tom was perfectly alright. Ever since that incident, he has been with me and our friendship has become stronger.

Three Women's Tales: Experiments in Flash fiction (Phase Two)

QLC is proud to present three stories by three wonderful Women!

Hope you like them!

Title: Betrayed!
Author: Vanisha Srnidhi
Genre: Drama

Rahul and Pankaj had been good friends since their childhood. They spent their young life in the narrow winding streets of Bidar. They both went to the same school. Rahul was an ambitious and self-assured person. He was light-hearted in a hail-fellow-well-met sort of way and always hankered for a good future. His self-governing skills were fancied by everyone around him whereas Pankaj was always in need of someone or something for financial or other kind of support. He had a skill in achieving one’s ends by deceit or evasion about which Rahul was unaware. He ran after credit for most of the times.  Despite of having two different mindsets, their friendship seemed to continue.

During their graduation, they studied in the same college. Two years passed by. As per their college curriculum, all the students of aeronautical engineering were scheduled to do a minor project, individually. Rahul’s concept on Air tractor (Single Engine Airplane)-Design verification was evocative. Pankaj had could think of nothing important or interesting. The days passed and he remained blank.  Exactly, a week before the project presentation, he stole the abstract and primary data (which consistedof data gathered through practical experience) of his friend. On the other side, Rahul didn’t know about his friend’s wickedness but he did not panic for what happened.
 He had kept aside the primary data on another project “Balloon Satellite Projection”. On the day of the presentation of the project, he was dazed by his friend’s betrayal though he was not angry.  As usual, Pankaj got huge applause and appreciation for his project work which did not belong to him. Later, in a vis-à-vis conversation with his friend, Rahul said, “Well! I’m not angry for what you did. I will forgive you because there is no life without forgiveness.”
 After listening to his friend’s soothing message, Pankaj was ashamed for what he did. He felt low about himself and could not even make an eye-contact with his friend. He experienced a pang of guilt.

Moral: Do not work for the sake of credit or fame. Hard work and sheer determination is the only key to success.


Title: What dreams may come?
Author: Sneha Das
Genre: Fantasy

Don't know where I am. The sky is so bright and clear. I think I am alone in this whole world. Oh! What is this stain on my dress? Is this the stain of blood? Mom and Dad, where are you?” I screamed. “Please come back...I am afraid!” Then I got up and I moved on to one direction, and on the way I saw many people including children lying on the ground.” What is wrong with this place? Why are the people here looking like dead bodies? Is there no one who can answer me?” I screamed aloud. I cried a lot but there was no one to wipe my tears. I think I lost my family; it appeared like some kind of world war had taken place. The fire had blown away the buildings. Everything was destroyed because of explosion.

        And suddenly, I heard mom scolding me “Wake up, it’s already 8 a.m. and you have to get ready for college ". When I woke up, I remained horrified but later on, I was literally very happy thinking my dream is not the reality. I prayed to god that it will be the worst, if this turns into a reality; so never let this happen. 
         The world thinks that bombs, guns, rifles and other war gadgets have bought pride to nations. According to me, these can only cause destruction to human life and nature. God has created the whole world and human beings do not have the right to destroy it. Through the help of gadgets we can win any war. We can achieve victory but no one will survive the aftermath. There will be no one to celebrate our victory. So it will be better if the world stops itself for a while...takes a deep breath and rests for one or two minutes and then starts a new journey from the beginning. 

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Three Women's Tales: Experiments in Flash Fiction (Phase One)

QLC is proud to present stories by some of the phenomenal women of R.B.V.R.R

In this post we have three  very interesting stories.

These tales were written during a workshop on Flash fiction conducted by the Department of English, R.B.V.R.R Women's College. 

Title: Surprise Me Quick
Author: Isha Mer
Genre: Comedy

“Yayy, it is party time!!".  I was so excited but suddenly realised that I misplaced my car keys. I started searching for it. Then I went near my car, thinking that I might have dropped it there. Suddenly, I felt that someone was following me. I turned to look but found no one. I panicked and started running as fast I could. I ran far away from the club. I looked back again and again and saw a man following me. I couldn't see him clearly as it was raining. The man followed me till my house. I ran upstairs and locked myself up in my house and heaved a sigh of relief. Then, I heard my door bell ring. For a moment,  I completely  lost my sense. Then I opened the door and saw a man. He was drenched in water and was holding a bunch of keys. He handed the keys to me saying "Your keys, Madam". For a moment, I was happy and wanted to dance all around. I thanked the person and offered him a cup of coffee. Then I realised that something was strange. I asked him, "How did you know that those are my keys?" He took out a knife from his pocket and said, "I always like to make an entrance like that, you know".
 And then I heard the director say, "CUT".

Title: An Unusual Wish
Author: Shaikh Sameera Banu
Genre: Drama

Once upon a time, there was a young and ambitious king. One day he made a very unusual wish. He wanted to touch the moon. Immediately, he met his ministers. They suggested the King to order the finest carpenter in kingdom to build a tower to the moon. The king was excited, he wanted to reach the moon as soon as possible.

The carpenter arrived in no time. He said that he could finish the work in three days. The king became furious and said that he wanted the job to be done before three days. If the carpenter failed, he would have to   face death. The carpenter replied that, “I can build a tower but there is not enough woods. If you order all country men to give the wooden boxes they have, then I can make a tower in no time at all”. The king felt hopeful and again ordered the people of this kingdom to submit all their boxes to him.  The king was very happy  when he saw the carpenter put the boxes on top of each other. He got so excited that in the evening itself, he started  climbing the boxes.  After several attempts,  he reached the last box and stood on it. Then he stretched his hand but could not touch the moon. He was disappointed but did not give up. Thus, he stretched little more and finally lost balance. He fell down and all boxes fell on him.  The king did not survive. He remained buried under the heap of innumerable boxes.

Title: Not the same old Titanic!
Author: Vidhi Purohit
Genre: Comedy

"Don't jump!" he yelled while running towards the girl standing at the edge of the ship. "I am not, it’s just my selfie stick which fell down", she replied. The guy gave her a weird look and somehow pulled her out. "Hi! I am Jack" he said. "Rose" she replied bluntly, ignoring the handshake. "Would you like some coffee?" he offered. "Hell no! Only green tea, I am on a diet", answered Rose. Slowly, our hero and heroine became close and turned into best friends. Few days later, they got to know about the "Ice bucket challenge" and decided to participate. But little did they know that they would soon be faced with an iceberg challenge!

A few days later, their ship hit an iceberg and started to sink. Jack and Rose were unaware of this catastrophe at first, because they were busy taking a selfie with the iceberg. However, the ship started sinking at full tilt as it was, after all, made in China. All they managed to do was to find life jackets for themselves and a wooden plank which could hold only one person. Jack told Rose to get on the plank. Rose looked surprised, because gallantry was a fast vanishing trait in the current times. 

"Look! A Mentos!", pointed Rose, at the wrapped gum floating a few inches away. She took it and the moment she ate it, she got an idea! "Give me your jacket, quick!" she said. She took both the life jackets and placed them underneath the wooden plank which made it float. "Whoa! You're a genius!" complimented Jack. "This is why education is necessary, my friend." she taunted.
 It seemed that her “genius” had almost saved them, when, most unfortunately, a shark appeared out of nowhere and swallowed them whole. 

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Almost Famous!

In this post QLC brings you the press coverage of the inaugural function.
It is followed by a lovely collection of photos that capture the spirit of the club!
Hope you all like it! 

Literary Club inaugurated at women’s college

Students of RBVRR Women’s College staging a play. –Photo: by arrangement
Students of RBVRR Women’s College staging a play. –Photo: by arrangement

RBVRR Women’s College established a literary club on ‘Quills Literary Club’ to provide a platform for the students to explore and express their creative talents with a motto “Quest for creativity”.
The activities of the club, includes debates, flash drama, creative writing, literary quiz, online blogging, etc.
Prof. Tutun Mukherjee, Head, Centre for Comparative Literature, University of Hyderabad inaugurated the club and appreciated the efforts of the college to establish such a club and stressed on the importance of developing one’s language.
The Head of the English Department, Grace Sudhir said that writing has a cathartic effect, just as listening to poetry has. Inculcating a habit of reading, ability to analyse a text, to ponder on the beauty and the wealth of wisdom and then to create something that is beautiful and lasting through the appreciation of literature both liberates and refines one’s personality, she said.
College correspondent Prof. K. Muthyam Reddy, principal M. Surekha Reddy also congratulated the department for introducing the club.
A cultural programme followed which had various activities such Fusion poetry, Music and Dance combining the words of Rabindranath Tagore’s poem “Where the mind is without fear”, Recitation of Robert frost’s “The Road not taken” and dramatic enactment of trial Scene from William Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice (Act IV scene I).
 Thank you The Hindu    

A Report by TV5
Thank you TV5 

Photos always Cheer us up !

Our beautiful club coordinator, Ms Pushpa Reddy

The Director, Ms Jyoti Mishra  and her Team
Our Talented Ms Jyoti Mishra

A scene from the enactment of Shakespeare's masterpiece. 

..........And the Head is Held High.

Antonio in his/her element
Backstage Fun!

The Actors and The Dancers- Art Art Art!

The Busy Team
Behind the screen!
An intensely joyful experience-The Workshop
Nagina presenting her short story at the workshop

Saturday, 19 December 2015

The Curtain Raiser.

 A packed auditorium witnessed the impressive opening of the Quills Literary Club. The event was held on Tuesday, the 15th of December, 2015. The chief guest for this special ceremony  was Prof. Tutun Mukherjee, Head, Center for Comparative Literature, University of Hyderabad. Her inspiring speech guided us towards a phase of thinking and inventing.
The unveiling of the club logo was a momentous occasion. The logo reminded us of our dedication towards promoting literature and creative thinking in our college. The cultural programme consisted of a presentation on our blog, a recitation of Robert Frost's influential poem, The Road Not Taken, which was followed by a stirring enactment of Rabindranath Tagore's moving poem, Where the Mind is Without Fear, by Sheetal dance company. The event concluded with an engaging performance by our members of the court scene from Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice. 
The curtain-raiser for the Quills Literary Club was a short, yet memorable event. This was followed by a very entertaining and enlightening workshop on creative writing for the members. We were introduced to Flash Fiction and were told to write our own short stories within an hour. Each member then shared her story with the club. The constructive criticism from not just the lecturers, but also by our fellow members, helped expand our creative horizons. This momentous day ended with each of us getting certificates for our participation in the workshop.
The very first taste of this club has left us waiting for a lot more. We look forward to the next meeting with heightened expectations.

Here are some of the highlights from the first birthday celebrations of The Quills Literary Club!

Principal, Dr. M.Surekha Reddy's Speech :

Respected Chief Guest Prof. Tutun Mukherjee, Head, Center for Comparative Literature, University of Hyderabad; Madam, I have great pleasure in informing you that this is the Diamond Jubilee year of our esteemed college. Our institution has dedicated itself to the education of girls from economically backward and rural areas of Telangana for more than sixty years. Most of our students have been brought up in schools with Telugu as the primary medium of instruction. Thus, they do not have expert grip over English as a language for communication. Effective communication in today's times has become more important than academics. It is, thus, very important that we equip our girls with useful communication skills.
Dr. M. Surekha Reddy at the event

The Department of English has rightly identified the crisis. And, to address it they have introduced the Quills Literary Club. I believe it will be of great help to girls who have been using Telugu as their primary language of communication. I am sure the club will help the members improve their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. The  club should emphasis on conducting activities that highlight the use of “conversational English".

I congratulate Ms Grace Sudhir and her team members for establishing the club. I am sure this would expand exponentially  in view of its importance and need.

A Chinese Proverb says, “If you are planning for a year-sow corns, if you are planning for decade, plant trees and if you are planning for a lifetime educate the people”.

Language is the medium through which educational process fulfills its aims. I hope the club will make the students creative and innovative in the field of literature.

I wish Ms Grace and her team members all the very best in this endeavour.

The Meeting.

A short poem penned down during the workshop on Flash Fiction.

When thoughts come floating out

Take shape in the form of words

When ideas bloom, reflections light up,

And brighten the room,

Flash Fiction!
Better than any bulb can

Yes, we smiled when we saw each other

We knew we had a happy hour ahead

Then we made friends, we discovered,

New worlds, new thoughts

We gave voice to those

Long muted aspirations

The air never felt so warm

After all, who cares about the harsh AC

When these earnest words, they mellow,

Add glow to the light in the air.

Clicks from December 15th 2015!

Chief Guest Prof. Tutun Mukherjee addressing the students

Chairperson of the club, Ms. Grace Sudhir at the event

An engaged audience


Feedback on Facebook:

Greeshma Suryavanshi-
"The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you"
It was a splendid day. It felt great to be a part of workshop. I am very
thankful to all my lecturers for encouraging us to think creatively, also
grateful to listen to other flash fictions. Hope club would come back with
more activities.
 Suvidha Laharika-
 The Quills literary club inauguration which was held 15th December 2015 was organized  uniquely.  
Everyone  appreciated the efforts put by the students and the teaching staff. The idea to present the specialties of different types of English like, American, Australian and British English, was highly appreciated.The program has increased the expectations on the club and everyone is expecting many more such events in upcoming successful year.


Arpita Evertina-

  An awesome day! Very interesting programs, and an informative workshop

Asma Shaheen-

              It will always be a memorable day for us!  :)

Juveria Tabassum-

  Thank you so much for the amazing workshop! It was a great experience.


A few more spectacular moments!

Where the mind is without fear- an enactment

Merchant of Venice- a stirring performance

Workshop on Flash Fiction

Proud members receiving their certificates!
December 15th was, indeed, a Quillsome day!!!