Thursday, 14 September 2017

Mirror by Asfiya Khanam


It's me here telling you the truth 
Don't try to get people's Ruth ..
You are not what you actually should be 
You show the face which you want the world to see..

Your life is a dream for the people out there 
Life is just a game, be fair 
You try to be the person you compare yourself with
You are playing a role which is a part of your life's skit.. 

Just be the person you are 
Twinkle in your own way, you are a star 
Be yourself , no matter what it takes
You will overcome all your fears and aches..

I have shown the Mirror , it's in front of you 
What you actually are you already knew ...
Listen  to your heart ,what it says 
Show the world your original face ... 


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