Saturday, 5 August 2017

The Importance of Smiling by Faiza Afreen, BBA


The Unlost Woman (JC)

Why did the "Mona Lisa" become one of the most famous paintings of all time ? Most of you might be knowing this; That's right! It is because of her unique smile .

Each one of us have experienced it. You come into the class or go to a function or when you enter your home with a real big smile on your face and suddenly people respond to you with a smile and seem to treat you better. Those who do not respond you back with a smile; Huh ! lets not talk about them !

Each time we smile, we throw a little feel good party in our brains. The act of smiling activates neural messaging which is good for our health and happiness. A smile is  more communicative than words. A child’s innocent smile, a mother’s loving smile, a patient’s smile of gratitude, your bestie’s wicked smile;The list is endless.

Lets consider this case. You had a very bad day . Everything was messed up the whole day. While walking back to home, you notice a lady carrying an infant and she smiles at you and you smile back. That’s the power of  a smile; it can light you up :)
On another such occasion when I was in my 4th class, the science teacher asked me,  “why don’t you smile more often "? That evening I went home and actually started practicing different smiles and took up the challenge that no matter how bad the day was or how worse the situations were, I would fill myself with positive energy. The change I noticed was beyond words could explain. Smile is the only refreshment in a day which I don’t have to pay for .
So just ask yourself everyday before you sleep:
Did you smile today?
Did you make anyone happy today?
Were you the reason for someone’s smile ?
Trust me, life will become easier.  You will find the world to be a more beautiful place .
Me : Pouts while taking a selfie.
The inner me: Nah! A smile would be more prettier JJJ