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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

The Conception

Clouds came floating into my life
Not to usher rain or storm,

 but to add colour to my sunset sky
  Rabindranath Tagore

The quill is loaded, poised above the spread out sheet of parchment. In no time, the sheet is filled with words. Words upon words, stacked back to back; the alphabets mingling, forming phrases, swelling into sentences and exploding into meaning. Soon, a tottering pile of parchment, alive with characters and feelings which pave the way for such events to unfold, that riot our senses with a wild medley of emotion. 

The birth of a story; The creation of new world; A genesis of its own kind. A magician in his/her own right. A sceptic turns into a reader mesmerized. 

Yes, oh yes! The quill is loaded, not just with ink, but with lifeblood of the most precious kind: what else, but that sweet child of wonder, that suppressed voice of every mind- Imagination.

Welcome to the world of words. 

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