Sunday, 17 January 2021

"The Real You" by Priya Dey

The Real You

To live a peaceful and graceful life, have dexterity. 

We chase things that prove unworthy to us at the end -

Take time to think, try to reach your goals. 

Enjoying the worldly pleasures isn't bad, but you should keep your ideas, your creativity and your fervour alive.

Approaching difficulties and nurturing your ardent desires should be considered the effective parts of life. 

Virtuality is what people strive for, not thinking about time and its consequence, but to reach the stars isn’t impossible in the actual world and in time. 

Lead your dreams to reality so that when people look at you, they know to follow their dreams too. 

Consider your ideas, acknowledge the truth; accept the real you. 

Let your vision never waver from what's ahead of you: A life built of your own choice; a worthy future for your actual self.

Be real and be kind to yourself, behave sagaciously. 

Add colours of actuality to your life and be sure to spread them to the rest of the world.

Delete negativity and virtuality. Live independently and creatively. 

                                                                                                           - Priya Dey (MECs)

Sunday, 3 January 2021

"The Pause Year" - A Poem by Keertana Kuchipudi

The Pause Year 

What a year it was - 

the first of its kind. 

It began with silence, 

ended with surprise. 

It handed over chaos; 

it stopped the globe for a while. 

It was an opportune suspension for mankind; 

yet wasn't sufficient for man's uncertainty. 

It brought down the pride of nations, 

and the might of economies. 

It was for nature to replenish, 

yet was intruded by the social beings. 

It was a year of art and literature; 

of skills and trances. 

Was it the much needed break? 

Or was is it just another year of the calendar? 

Whatever it was, however it was; 

it was all the same for every creature. 

And all thanks to God, 

we've made it safe, thus far! 

                                                    - Keertana Kuchipudi (FsCCs)

Sunday, 27 December 2020

"Every Talk in It's Humour" - Report of the BA Orientation Program by Syeda Mariya

"Every Talk in It's Humour" - a virtual orientation session filled with love, laughter and learning was organised by the Department of English and Foreign Languages, for the students of B.A. on the 7th of December 2020.

The pandemic has restricted everyone including the teachers and the students to their homes but it couldn't hamper their determination to give the freshers of B.A., a warm and hearty welcome, and acquaint them with the department.


The online orientation programme commenced at 3:00 p.m. with a welcoming note by the hosts of the programme, Hiranmayee & Ciri of B.A. final year, followed by the introduction of the Head of Department of English and Foreign Languages, Suchitra Ma'am, by Leena & Supriya of B.A. second year.

The coordinator of the programme and  faculty member, Jhilam Ma'am comforted, cheered & encouraged the students with her charming words & graceful presence.

The "Quills Literary Club" - a significant part of the Department of English & Foreign Languages, was  spoken about by Syeda Mariya of B.A. second year, followed by a mesmerizing poetry dance performance by Sahithi of B.A. final year and Pranayanjali of B.A. second year on 'Trapped' by Veda Sri of B.A. final year.

The programme consisted of a series of speeches by the teachers as well as students regarding the activities of the department. The students also spoke about their personal experiences with the college and the faculty members.

Final year and second year students ensured that the programme was not mundane & thoroughly entertaining for their juniors by organising various games, cultural and dance performances in the course of the event, and interacted with the first years to make them feel comfortable throughout the programme.

The beautiful poetry recitation by Aishwarya of B.A. second year left everybody in amazement.

An interactive session was conducted towards the end of the programme in order to communicate with the freshmen and have their feedback.

The programme concluded with a vote of thanks by Pooja of B.A. final year.

Certainly, the final and second year students worked hard in collaboration to make the event a success.

Monday, 21 December 2020

"Remembrance" - A Poem by Tahreen Fatima


You were my partner in broad daylight,
And walked by my side on a starry night.

We talked out loud and whispered silently,
Watching the stars cascade beautifully.

Holding hands and healing hearts, 
Knowing all along, we were drifting apart.

I would've fallen, so you taught me to fly,
And now I'm building castles, high up in the sky.

You were just a silhouette, hanging by a string,
Then you vanished. Oh! What sorrows life can bring!

                                                             - Tahreen Fatima (BtCFs)

Sunday, 13 December 2020

"Truth of Our Love" - A Poem by G. Sai Pranayanjali

Truth of Our Love

You came into my world like a dream,
Turned it as beautiful as you are.

You are the beauty in nature:
Your smile, breezy as the wind
That fades my loneliness away;
Your eyes, bright as the light
That gives me confidence.
Your words, wise as the trees
That make me stronger with positivity;
Your care, like the evergreens,
Reminds me that there's someone waiting for me.

Your heart is the sun
That reminds me that you are a part of my life.
Your love, like oxygen,
Breathes life into me.
Your presence awakens me,
Professing that this isn't a dream,
But the truth of our love.

                                - G. Sai Pranayanjali (BA)

Saturday, 5 December 2020

"Null" - A Poem by G. Sai Pranayanjali


No matter what happens,
People will always
Make false statements
To fake forever.

No reasons, no arguments;
But those cold fights,
Widening the distance between them,
Only to lose themselves for ever.

No pain, no cure.
Constantly hurting each other with their actions,
Founding their relation on misunderstandings
To be remembered forever.

No love, no care.
Hating as if they had never loved,
Making their paths divide
To be free forever.

                                     - G. Sai Pranayanjali (BA)

Sunday, 29 November 2020

"Epilogue" - A Poem by Tahreen Fatima


The silver moonlight shined through the window, 

Luring me out of my bed. 

Sleepily, I watched the silent show, 

Of the twinkling stars, and the darkness people dread. 

The hooting of an owl and the flapping wings of a bat, 

The chilly breeze, whistling through the trees. 

The dark clouds hovering by, 

And the glimmering stars in the sky. 

An aurora then wiped out the darkness – 

A pleasure to a soul in distress. 

The changing colours, a plethora of feelings: 

Sorrow, joy, fear and brave awakenings. 

Uncountable mistakes, made without a second thought, 

Now I see how hard my soul fought. 

A war between wants and wrongs, 

Intensified with unheard songs. 

Childhood and teenage - the wonder phases of life, 

Adulthood, as I realised, is the phase in which we strife. 

The show ended, leaving me dumbfounded, 

I stood still with my feet firmly grounded. 

A minute ago, I was just a child;

Now, I’m an adult, chasing dreams in the wild! 

                                                                - Tahreen Fatima (BtCFs)