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Wednesday, 22 June 2022

"A Farewell Note" - An Article by K. Keerthana, BSC, FSCCS, Final Year

Picture Credit : Deepshikha Patangay



Dear friends, 

                         It has been wonderful reading all your pieces of work. Lines in which, you have all poured your hearts out, shared your sorrows, made witty remarks, narrated your tales and a lot more. It has been a beautiful privilege to get to know you all – through your writings. 

                         For some of us, a three-year journey ends here. We are now ready to live life on our own terms, in our own style - holding a bag full of precious lessons, awaiting more. For those of you that are yet to finish this journey, keep learning and practicing all the good things in life. 

                         We are to play so many roles in future – most importantly, that of powerful women, and so shall we never doubt our ability to do well in life. Never compare your journey to that of others, every masterpiece of God has its own bliss.  Remember, we all have a purpose but with different plans. 

                        As long as it is not intended to hurt someone, your opinion matters, your voice matters. So keep thinking, keep questioning, keep finding answers, keep writing and expressing!

                        All the best for a wonderful future ahead – filled with a spectrum of emotions, lessons, challenges, achievements, adventures and experiences. Goodbye!!

Yours truly,

Quills Student Editor



                                                                                                            ~ K Keerthana (BSC, FSCCS)

Tuesday, 21 June 2022

"You and My Soul" - A Poem By G. Snehitha, BSC, MPCS, Final Year

Picture Credit : Special Arrangement



The pillow,

The blanket, 

The mirror.

Thank you for always being with me.

You are the only ones who knew everything about me.

My best, my worst,

My happiness, my sadness.

My love, my breakup,

My childishness, my maturity.

My mistakes, my experiences,

My failure, my success.

More than anyone else, you were with me in every journey.

Every situation in my life is, some way or the other, connected to you.

You have become a part of my daily life.


I am sorry.

I love someone, more than I love you,

I spend time with someone, more than I do with you,

That person knows everything about me, more than you do.

And it is my SOUL.

                                                                                                   ~ G.Snehitha (BSC, MPCS)

Sunday, 5 June 2022

"I FELL... FALLING FOR YOU" - A Poem by H. Laxmi Priyanka, BA, Final Year

Picture Credit : Special Arrangement


You were the beats to my heart,

The lyrics to my song.

You were the sweet essence to my cake,

The one you love, when I’d bake.

Seconds, minutes, and hours passed,

So did days, months, and years.

You did not care a tiny bit when you left,

Breaking me and my heart, bit by bit.

And yet, you’re the one I always run back to

Whenever my heart seeks solace...

I deemed you to be my ‘Mr. Perfect’,

Like a perfect blend of sweetness,

With a tint of wilderness.

I thought it was with you where I belonged, 

For you were the beats to my heart.

                                                                                      ~ H. Laxmi Priyanka (BA)

Monday, 30 May 2022

"MY LOVE" - A Poem by G. Snehitha, BSC, MPCS, Final Year

Picture Credit : Special Arrangement



You are like salt in my bhindi,

You might be last, but without you there's nothing.

You are like an interesting ad, 

Which cannot be skipped between the films of my life,

You are like my sanitizer - without which,

I cannot fight diseases like COVID.

You are like AB(-ve) blood group, 

Very rare to find.

You are many things, but in the end,

You are my love, inspiration, family, friend and guru.

                                                                                                ~ G. Snehitha (BSC, MPCS)

Saturday, 21 May 2022


"FOREVER" - A Poem by T. Anurupa, BSC, MSCCS Final Year

Picture Credit : Special Arrangement


How do I reach you?
When you are at a peak sight!
How do I gossip with you?
When you are my illusion!
How do I frolic with you?
When you are my pie in the sky!
Whom do I yell at?
When you are not around.
Yet I adore you always,
In my heart,
In my heart forever.

                                                          ~ T. Anurupa (BSC, MSCCS)

Monday, 16 May 2022

"The Last Semester" - A Narrative By D. Haripriya, BSC, BZC, Final Year

Picture Credit : Deepshikha Patangay


                                Today, as I entered the college a strange mix of feelings started to hit me from the very first step. "What is this?", I asked myself - just to realize that it is going to be my last semester in this wonderful place. The main gate welcomed me with the same nervousness as it had, on my first day of college. My close friends were waving at me from a distance, "Hi bro!", My inner self thinking about how I got through three years so quickly; my mind settled a bit and switched on the rewind button. All of us started a journey on the same day, as strangers. We joined the class, made friends, made best friends and as everything fell into place, we started to collaborate with seniors, helped the management during special events; we started to create our own space and mark our own niche here. Everything went on perfectly, until the unexpected cameo of an event occurred. You know what I'm talking about, we are the (un)privileged batch to have our childhood dream come true; to have our exams cancelled and postponed. Little did we know that it was not just the exams, but one of the most beautiful phases of our lives that was being held up.

                              As quickly as we made acquaintances, so did we lose them all, as everything in the college became online. More than the names of our friends, we remember hearing the words ‘Am I audible?’. Cut the narrative to about six months later, news broke about the college reopening, everyone was excited to meet their pals, finish their trips, click good pictures…. Again, another bombshell and another wave; cut the narrative to final year of graduation, after all of us successfully completed two semesters online and are ready to be graduated.

                             What did these three years teach me? A self-doubt again!

                             Well, I came to know how important education is and how hard our lecturers work to keep us engaged while we banter in the last bench. How important mental health is, how I have neglected it all my life; I became a better person by recognizing my strengths and weaknesses; how important it is to have financial independence and will power. How important relationships are and how unpredictable life can be. I have discovered my interests and my inner personality. I was able to delete all the negativity around me and most importantly I have made best friends for life, though the bonds took ground online, they have been saviours in most situations that slipped out of my hand. Now as I recall everything, I feel that it was not an ordinary journey that anyone could randomly experience. I will definitely miss the labs, the canteen, the parking lot, the auditorium, the quadrangle - where I have spent most time in college. I will miss the feeling of being an under-graduate being carefree about the adulthood ahead. But now, here I am, just trying to tackle the toughest challenge that life has in store for me. Walking alongside my best friend, towards the class, while she asks me if our lecturer has come to college.

                                                                                                 ~ D. Haripriya (BSC, BZC)



Sunday, 1 May 2022

 "Laugh At Me" - A Narrative By Aishwarya Lakkakula, BA, Final Year

Picture Credit : Aishwarya Lakkakula


                    "Hmhm hahaha" I heard the group laughing. "Hehehe" I laughed too. 

                    Those were the dog days of April and no dog was seen on the roads. I was done with my final exams of class five, ready to beat back the holidays. But, the ball is not always in our court, it was my father who played the game then.

                   My dad had never seen me as a growing baby but as a girl ageing, running towards her grey hair. It made him so anxious, that he never wished me on my birthdays. He wanted me to be acquainted with all the education in the blink of an eye, as if I would sleep on my ‘Ampashayya’ the next moment. An antique material he was for me.

                On the first day of my holidays, I was, as usual, jumping on the bed with Sai and Deepak, in front of the mirror. I didn't remember why we began to fight suddenly, but I hit Deepak hard on his chest and he started to cry with a popcorn face. My dad rushed and gave me a bear's look, knowing who the culprit was. He pulled my arm and threw me into math tuition class. But he didn’t know that I was not alone. While his right hand was pulling my left arm, my right hand pulled Sai's left arm and we both landed in the tuition class. Sai glared at me, as if I were a terrorist on a suicide mission. I laughed at him.

                  My tuition was not a typical homework- mugging up- beating up business. It was a cage-free class with no divisions. The same chapter was taught to all the students, irrespective of their age and class. We not only had our classes taught by the teacher, but also by the students. It was fun being there. 

                 I was the same wherever I landed. No dad, no sir, no tuition class could control my talkative mischief. I always talked and talked and talked and questioned and questioned and questioned. One crazy morning, sir was teaching trigonometry and I was as busy as he was, disturbing my bench-mate. Sir turned around and pulled me out of the first bench, not to limit my talking, but to teach the class on behalf of sir. I pleaded him, not a no. "Hehehe" I laughed. I liked talking about anything, anywhere and to anyone.

                   I grabbed some coloured chalk from him and drew a square, to derive the Pythagoras theorem. The moment I started to talk, everyone in the class cackled at once. I wondered not, because I knew they were laughing at my language. I was a Telugu medium student, so I explained them, “On drawing a ‘Karnamu’, the ‘Chaturasram’ is divided into two ‘Lamba-kona Thribhujalu’”. I didn't feel bad at all. I too laughed with them.

                Sir turned bitter at their behaviour, but was surprised by my response. He was the only one who understood my dialect and looked at me, placing his dry hand on my head and pronounced "I congratulate you my dear for doing the toughest job ever. Do you know? It is easy to make people cry but it is very difficult to make them laugh, and you did it. You be the same. You will be happy." I was struck by those beautiful words and they always resonate in my mind. This time, I smiled at him and jumped to my mischief and it continued. 

                 I am happy for the people laughing with me and I am happy for the people laughing at me. I am selfish. All that matters to me is your laughs. 

                          Come to me, to laugh. 

                          Laugh and laugh and laugh!

                                                                                   ~ Aishwarya Lakkakula (BA)