Monday, 4 December 2017

The Unyeilding Truth by Asfiya Khanam

The Unyielding Truth 

I was in the rain..
Standing all night
Thinking about my life
How should I fight?

I thought of making sure
Whether my disease has a cure
Everyday I try to smile and hope to change my fate
But it isn't quite possible; it’s too late

I know it’s not good and that time isn't mine
So I put on a happy face and pretend everything is fine
The unyielding truth is that I am possessed by a disease
So horrible, if you know the name you too would freeze

I keep lying to myself, when all I want to do
Is live once again those days when life was so fun
Now that I'm only for few months, 
I wish to feel all the happiness of the world all at once

But the days keep getting darker and darker
I feel myself filling up with more and more horror
As the darkness swiftly engulfs me,
I pray to feel strong and stronger

My days are numbered
My feelings, quietly murdered
I can't pretend anymore
My frozen body is possessed to the core

And so I stand in the rain
Stand fast all night
Think about my life
And how I should fight

Asfiya Khanam

First Year, BtCFs